Best WordPress Themes: Rosalie

Rosalie on all devices

I’ve got a brand new shiny WordPress Theme for my Out of the Office website: Rosalie. The reason for this change of heart is that I was getting concerned about the amount of time it was taking to load my website. So I set about researching how to speed up my website. As a result […]

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Best WordPress Themes: Canard

Canard graphic

Testing I’m currently trying out Canard on my test blog site.  My test site is private but I have a number of blog posts and portfolio posts on it so that I can test out the best wordpress themes for blogs before I take the plunge to set them up on my live sites. (Of […]

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Best WordPress Themes: Rebalance

Rebalance is a great wordpress theme aimed at artists and photographers but also suitable for any type of blog. They say Rebalance’s clean look and large-format imagery make it great for displaying artwork and photography.  Its responsive layout is optimized for all devices and its great typography keeps your text legible and stylish no matter […]

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Best WordPress Themes: Altofocus

Time and time again I come back to Altofocus.  It’s classic simplicity appeals to me. They say: AltoFocus’ elegant tiles helps artists, photobloggers, and other creatives showcase their talents. The grid automatically shifts and re-forms to accommodate new posts, creating an ever-changing collage of your creativity that draws visitors in while remaining clean and easy to navigate. I […]

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