GET Christmas All Wrapped Up and Ready Now?

Online Christmas Looks like a lot of this Christmas is going to have to be more online than ever. Not just Christmas shopping but potentially Christmas get togethers will be online. One thing we can do is to make our Christmas as environmentally friendly as possible. Eco Friendly Gift Wrapping How about starting by looking […]

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How, When and Where Can You Recycle Recyclable Packaging?

Tell Me How, Where and When – Please! My local council has recently changed its recycling scheme. Formerly, we were provided with thin plastic orange bags into which we could place all our recycling: paper, card, plastic, wrapping paper (no glitter), yoghurt pots, plastic trays of all denominations, shredded paper, plastic bags etc etc. When […]

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Can You Make Money From Your Art on Teepublic?

T shirt and shorts

What is Teepublic? Teepublic is another of those apparel companies which feature artwork from designers and they specialise in T shirts. Is That All? No – they have a range of clothing: T shirts in different sizes, hoodies, baby onesies, phone covers, face masks, notebooks – you know the sort of thing. Anything Else? Oh, […]

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