Best Wordpress Themes: Dicot

Might as Well Face It I’m Addicted to Themes

I have a confession: I am addicted to trying WordPress themes!  I can spend hours just paging through the Themes page looking at the beautiful example screens, clicking on and watching the live demos.

Current Favourite

My favourite theme at the moment is Dicot by DesignOrbital.

Example of Dicot home pageOut of the Office

They say:

Dicot is a magazine, news or blog WordPress theme with clean and modern design. Dicot is completely responsive and created with most modern technologies.

Featuring wide or boxed layout, sidebar positions, sticky menu, featured posts carousel, custom widgets, and many more useful and interesting features which make your work easier.

I say:

It has an impressive clean looking, eye-catching layout.  You can choose a coloured or patterned background but why not stick with the white of a traditional magazine which will emphasise the impact of your photos and ensure you stay on trend?

Post Display

LIKE the way the posts display with a photo and the title alongside, inviting readers to click and read more of your words.


LOVE the style of the menu across the top of the page allowing readers to navigate easily around your site.


However, the most ATTRACTIVE feature for me is the blog post carousel widget which can be placed at the top of your page and will show your ‘featured posts’ in a sliding display.   Just tag your favourite posts as ‘featured’ and they will appear.

Example of post displayPost Example

Meaning of Dicot

Shortened form of dicotyledon which means

  • A flowering plant with an embryo that bears two cotyledons (seed leaves)

Just click here to check out all the features of this beautiful theme.

(Please note that Dicot is a premium theme.)

Happy Blogging!

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